This blog ends here

I continue my fashion posts on:


-I want to try Tumblr
-I want a fresh start
-I don’t want to be related to gor anymore.

Long explanation: I can’t simply discuss themes and mindset of gorean roleplay without feeling utterly retarded and weird. This weirdness starts at the blogname and doesn’t stop at the “articles” I once wrote. I’d rather take photographs of my tin foil hat collection than indulging any further in that sick fantasy Norman created. The line is crossed. I happened to pretend, it’s just all fun games. BUT:

First, Gor is obviously NOT meant as an irony or a parody. It’s pretty darn earnest and clear in its intentions. It’s the same old patriarchalic picture how the world is easier without equality- Natural fallacy hooo! And part of the problem is, the majority of gor players can’t or won’t reflect critically how they come across, some may even welcoming Normans “theory” as daring or taboo-breaking. I don’t want to be part of that crowd. Not because OMGZ i hatez gor nao!

I am just aware that I don’t exist in a vacuum and my articles will affect people. Since i got a bit sensitive for themes like feminism and gender, I became aware of the inherent and often hidden sexism in gaming culture and with players- male and female- in general. It’s not ok for me to promote backward thinking any further, neither with roleplaying worlds, nor with any other media, ESPECIALLY NOT for the sake of entertainment.

Sure, nobody will go out of Gor and see every woman as a slave. But it HAS an impact- for me for example, it was sinking empathy with the needs of slave players OOC and a demanding attitude towards them. That is simply not acceptable.
I can’t sympathize with Gor any more, than I can sympathize with game characters in chainmail bikini (another pet peeve of mine). Not even in an ironic, mocking way. Some things should just stop in an instant. Therefore, I and Gor will go parted ways.

Please update your bloglists and feeds if you wanna follow me any further.


2 thoughts on “This blog ends here

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  2. Arica says:


    a pity really. I enjoyed your blog a lot. however, I can understand your objections (which are the reasons why Gor generally does not entertain me much anymore).

    Good luck on tumblr. 🙂

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