Playas don’t dig on nekos



on stiller:
Ears: Chimera /Kristina Spitteler
Watch: Miel
Key Necklace: KOSH
Cord Necklace: Illusions
Dog Tags: Mandala
Piercing: !::[annaA]:: (modded from Bhutas)
Bag: Edelweiss
Hair: Vive9
Shirt: C.Smit
Hotpants: No.07

on Dick Dude:

I’ve met another fashionista in a sex animation store and without making the obvious punchline on my shirt, i think that deserves a collaboration:

[08:27] Dick Dude: hi u want to lay down
[08:27] stiller Himmel: you dig men, sweety?
[08:28] Dick Dude: ur man
[08:29] stiller Himmel: oh yeah, and one with a nice big cock, too ­čśÇ
[08:29] Dick Dude: then stick up ur own ass ok
[08:30] stiller Himmel: hey, that is even possible here! Welcome to Secondlife
[08:30] Dick Dude: then do
[08:31] Dick Dude: it
[08:31] stiller Himmel: dies laughing * you’ve made my day. Ok, I’ll try it now….aiming…..poke!
[08:33] Dick Dude: can’t reach stik in our big ass mouth
[08:34] Dick Dude: hahahahah ur a joke but guess u know thst
[08:34] stiller Himmel: …said the man with the “playa” belt and that nice coat*
[08:35] Dick Dude: u wouldn’t like it 4 men only
[08:36] stiller Himmel: you mean your belt or your coat?


One thought on “Playas don’t dig on nekos

  1. Eine Konversation wie in Schei├če gemei├čelt. Gef├Ąllt mir au├čerordentlich. ­čśÇ
    Ich hielt den Typ auf den ersten Blick f├╝r eine von diesen NSC-Puppen, die Du vor der Bank hattest.

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