Your Sex Is In Another Castle


Skin: The body co. / Fox
Eyes: Poetic Colors (not yet released)
Hair: Dura (tinted)
Choker: Cobrahive (Dollarbie)
Suit: Adjunct


Placebo – Every You Every Me from Placeboworld on Vimeo.

SL roleplay worlds are often a cliched hyperreality, deemed more grittier and more true than reality. Like a play or a movie may bring us the ultimate larger-than-life experience, while showing us the same old lower to middle class fantasies about “true love” and “violence” we’ve sucked up since we’ve been kids. Roleplay is the escapists wet dream.

Inspite of everything, I’m now plotting an ridiculous attempt on playing an escort who is actually as easy and hedonistic as I am NOT. It’s a test, not if, but how long I can pull the suave fucker, till he becomes a psychopath ala Zevran, the likable mass murderer, or is totally exchanged for the hundred other chars I’ve in mind. In a virtual place where nearly everybody is a special snowflake and up to the brim in suggestive clothing, there are nevertheless only very few people, who deliver what they intended to play. Which seems to me the humbling irony about roleplay- you never escape yourself in the end.


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