Location: A gritty bar in downtown Llorkh, city of the amoral and the evil (Forgotten Realms/ D&D)

Scenario: tavern rp

Thoughts: I wonder why i haven’t seen a well written scene with clearly accentuated characters anywhere in german Gor since MONTHS? It can’t be the fact alone that most of german gor doesn’t like Para-rp- I don’t fall for the fallacy to put form over everything, after all it’s still about content isn’t it? But in comparison to scenes like these, most tavern rp in gor seems to me forgettable and shallow. I don’t know why exactly Gor has become so tame, but it was one of the reasons I’ve left it. This scene yesterday was so much fun listening to, I could play the little mouse in the corner indefinitely.

[the bartender] Zhandra Osterham nodded to Sig “Aye.. you bet your cock we will” she didnt jump at the order, only laughed “Hold ya fucking horses. Ya cant get a women worked up then expect rabid fucking movments” oh she was just.. charming.. wasnt she? Zhandra was a quick recover. She had to be. Her nature generaly left her in these situations more then you’d imagine. And so holding herself up against the counter, palm down on the surface. She watched then men embrace, let her dirty mind wander and got control of her shaking legs. She turned around with a swish swish of her hips pouring two ales before she came back to the counter and pushed them toward him. She watched the pair of them closly now, not just for the usual reasons of how she could get them in bed (which is to say how she looked at everyone. Even pretty girls who came into her radar) But there was somethign a bit more probbing. The women was perceptive in her way. Though the look was broken by the words from Mariliel, a crooked smirk on her face “Well aint you a knight in shining armor. Dont you worry none miss. I can take em in one way or another. Hell having a man yell and bark out orders gets me hot.” she licked her lips and leaned over to ask her in a none too suble way “Come on darlin’ you know that surge of excitment when a strong man grabs ya by the back of the head and reminds ya just how breakable ya be? hmmm ya gotta admit, aint never cum so hard when they gentle” she shot her a wink before finaly answering her question. “Aye.. we can work out a deal. You got an office or sommat I can visit ya at? I get a bit busy round here. With this lovley lot keeping my ass busy”

[the big brute] Ivan Titov couldn’t help but to feel a rush of anger flow through his veins as once again someone pipped up at him for what he viewed as little or no reason, did everyone in this town have a chip on their shoulder? By the end of the week the man would be cut up beyond belief if people kept spewing at the mouth as they were. He cranked his thick neck over and glanced down upon the woman with narrowed eyes, his hands were bisexual, they gave no care whether this disrespect was from the tongue of a woman or a man. “If I wanted your opinion, I fuck it from you.” he spat out towards the slender half-elf as he contemplated unsheathing his blade and attempting to slice the woman where she stood. He gave no care if it was against the town’s rules to quarrel inside its premises, these locals needed to be taught a lesson. Though as the bartender began her rant of being fucked he couldn’t help but turn her attention towards her, she really was a charmer in his eyes, the mouth of a sailor. “Drinks now, fuck later.”

[a future tavern cook?] Odina Darkstone moves into the tavern, she then turned herself halfway and closed the large door that seemed far too big for her. Looking straight ahead she eyed the orc that was near her, averting her eyes she turned her eyes to look over to Zhandra and she went over to her, looking at her from over the bar, “I see your busy today ma’am, would you enjoy my help?” SHe asked the female as she made ginger steps over to the far side of the bar, slightly behind it. Remembering the male sure enough, Falx that is she offered him a smile. Though as the blue haired stranger was near her, the female she looked at her at first and then bowed her head politely. Though she remained quiet until she was spoken to, common for servants perhaps. She returned her gaze to look at Zhandra promptly.

[the half-elf] Mariliel Faelandalan had expected the very reaction that came from the man and gave him a shrug, eyeing him up and down, annoyed yet still calm. “You are too huge and ugly.” She said honestly, before bursting out in loud, truly amused laughter at Zhandra’s words. “I like you already, miss….what’s your name?” I am Mari.” She kept a wary eye on the ugly brute, yet her lips had dragged up into a smile. “And, I just tend to prefer less…loud…men. The quiet ones are usually much better at that.” She shot the woman a wink, obviously, she spoke from experience. “An office, not quite. But I live not far from here, to be exact, I am your direct neighbour.” She pointed over her shoulder towards the direction where the tailor was. “Have you seen Razlor lately? I tried to get a hold of him, but he seems rather busy with waggling his dick at every woman.”

[the bard] Falx grinned, and nodded, “Master, I’ve been all up and down the Sword Coast. From Icewind Dale to Calimport, and further besides. One doesn’t make that stretch of shore without stopping, willingly or no, in the city of sails. Aye, I’ve been to Luskan.” He did not specify if the call was made willingly, however. His strumming picked up again, and he picked a spot nearer to the fire to play he large archlute. It was an unusual instrument, especially for a travelling bard, but Falx liked it for the simple reason of flexibility. The two necks allowed him to carry on long, droning basslines as he plucked out the rhythm, or play brooding grooves with the occaisional bit of high ornamentation. In the shanty he began, with a rough guttural “Next time out to sea, bring enough soil to bury me, for I don’t want my final jig in the belly of a squid,” carried across the full range of the instrument, riff jumping to riff like a shoal of anchovies breaching through wavecrests.

[the dwarf] One-Eye had spent most of the time walking around the City in silence except for a small run in with a Female of his race. Looking at the building infront of him, his eye narrowed and he reached forward with his right hand to grasp the handle of the door before slamming it open and stomping his short stocky ass inside of the building. He could tell by the sounds coming from within the walls it must be what he was looking for and shouted out in his gruffy voice… “Ach, if this is a piss pot excuse of a tavern, ah demand a barrel o’ mead and a stack of jerky tae go whit it, by the noo!” The words spilled forth before he would step heavily over towards an empty table and if there wasnt one, he’d just move over to a table already taken and introduce himself.

[the tavern keeper] Zhandra Osterham: ((i need everyone to be really patiant with my posting please, as I have ALOT to respond to))

[the half-elf] Mariliel Faelandalan
: ((dun worry, I know that feeling.))

[the unsocial tiefling] Sera hiccuped loudily for the second time. This place was getting tense…she didn’t like tense. Sera enjoyed laughter or the sounds of music..even the belchs of well fed men was a better sound then to hear hoistle notions to the little wench. Right now was proabbly not a good idea to try and find new job skills…let it calm down, take things slower…besides the other woman seemed to be helping now. “I uhm…can I go up stairs…or…” The red skinned woman was already walking before an answer was given…the sexual notions of everyone in the room rang threw her…it made her feel really weird and blushy.

[the tavern owner, an ork] Sigurdr the Crippled
stretched a full grin to the bard – not only because he knew his home city, but also because he over-heard the nigh crippled state he left the tavern keeper at, and also of Ivan’s charming manners towards the half elf, something he just admired on the man. “Then, bard, not only for your song – but also for me being sure that you were robbed blind of coinage in your visit to my city, I’ll give you this.” and then he reached once more to the coinpurse into his shirt, and produced five copper pieces from it to offer to him as a tip.

[the bartender] Zhandra Osterham caught Ivan’s look and his words rolling her eyes “Baby doll” She says to him reaching out to touch his arm “Make ya a deal, you dont threaten customers and I’ll give ya all the drink you want fer free.. ya?” she perked her brows. “I’ll even throw in a meal cause you look hung” her eyes dancing over hus groin before she winked and clicked her tongue at him. Her head turned to see Odina walk in, swishing that long skirt of hers “Baby cut that ma’am shit. Zhandra or Cuntbag’ll be fine” She teases. She knew the girl was bashful and for that she readily and activly pushed the womens limits of shyness. Also she really wanted to see if Odina would actually call her that. “Now.. how bout you start making tonights supper. We got that dinner rush comming and cream aint around. When you get that started up you can go clean tables and helo me with the bar” She turend her head toward the elf adn her laughter, joining in and pointing at her “your tits had me liking you long fore you decide dyou liked me” she points out smirking wide “As for Dagger.. nah I aint seen him round. He gets busy. Keeps promising me the lay of my lifetime but”S he shrugs “I only seen one and well I wasnt much to impressed. You tell him that for me.” she’d direct her attention back to Ivan “Ooo but I like all kinds of men. The brutes just know the right way to take ya. Means I have to spend less time tryin gto talk his cock out of his pants and thus get more time sucking it.” She gave a chimign laugh at One eye “And you look like a piss poor excuse for a man but hell.. me and the tavern’d let ya inside” She bats her eye lashes and laughs “Comming up” she adds to his order

[the big brute] Ivan Titov was awe strucken at the woman’s defiance, the man was risen to have a no nonsense attitude when it came to disrespect. The sheer audacity of the woman caught him off guard though he would nontheless meet it with open arms. No more words, sure he would stand there all day and bark about how tough or strong he was, but showing her was another thing. It was harder for a person to forget pain than fear. He ignored Zhandra, not even Talos himself could keep him from reigning down his fury upon this woman. His left hand was casually upon the counter awaiting his drink before he savagely swung it out in a closed fist towards the woman’s face, twisting his large frame around simultaniously for momentum in an attempt to stun and even damage her as his right hand shot down towards the handle of his blade. He gave no care about the prying eyes or even anyone who intervened, he welcomed a fight, even in his slightly cut up state already he would fight all of Llorkh’s armies if need be; even if he wouldn’t be a match.

[Logs] That’s the roleplay I missed…


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