Dark Side





Skin: The Body Co. / Ash
Hair: Posh
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Guyliner: Tableau Vivant
Weapons: LR Weapons
Outfit: Superposessed / Marauder
Helmet: Enchilada
Poses: Del May + Dieselworks
Sim: Golgothica

Soundtrack (song starts at 1:50):

I’m in the mood for torturing a piano. Damn, this guy is such an awesome, fluffy, mad genius… I can’t stop listening. Some Assassin once remarked, I would make a good Assassin. I was very honored, but I think I couldn’t do the broody, dark n’ deep thing all the time. The times where I must control myself from dancing on tavern tables and making bad jokes wouldn’t make that role an enjoyable experience. Self control was never one of my strenghes. Nevertheless, that outfit is dedicated to him. Gold and Steel, Partisan 😉


5 thoughts on “Dark Side

  1. Marianne says:

    Just fantastic!

  2. Ich kann mir nicht helfen – das Ensemble wirkt extrem Anime-beeinflusst! 😀

  3. Ha, hast du also auch Golgothica für dich entdeckt? *g
    Schöne Bildchen..

  4. stiller Himmel says:

    Von welchem Anime denn?

  5. Kein Spezieller. Ich vermute, ich habe einfach durch die Kombi Shape/Skin/Frisur/Farbe/Handschuhe einen Final Fantasy-Flash. 😉

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