Conceilment Rock

ye olde sack

Robes of Conceilment: *LadyLicious* @Marketplace
Hair: Donna Flora

This is one of the RoC I want to like. Others are from Arwen’s Creations but every woman seem to have it, so I only mention them here. Sasy released a decently priced (350L) robe in dozens of color, that is also easy to combine with other items.
I like:
-Slim Silhouette
-lots of veils and accessoires
-very btbookish
-good primwork
-nice price!

I don’t like:
-The patterns- I look a bit like a moving wallpaper with them
-flat textures, especially on the sculpt parts.

Overall a good ROC, that is unfortunately not available in red :/

You don’t recognize a person wearing RoC from afar. This song explains why. And yes, I WILL distract you with several Luma-Doubles in RoC, that may be my spies, a sacrifice of a pawn in times of assassination attempts against her, and so on.It comes in Handy that everyone knows your Mask but can’t see behind it.


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