Recyclon 2

Cloak: Losthaven / Cloak Diabolique (new)
Gown, Mask: Vigo
Bracelets: Mandala

I’m lazy and don’t find nice thigs for free women at the moment, so I combined old things from my inventory, making a day-to-day dress for my character. I must say from all gowns I own, the very simple vigo dresses and the knickknack things are the best basics i own. They’re easy to combine with anything. Losthaven released a bunch of cloaks recently and some of them may l0ook too fantasy-ish but the simple ones fit to Gor also.

Aside from that I have a documentation tip for you: If you haven’t heard or seen the work of Adam Curtis, I really recommend you to catch up on him. Power of nightmares is completely free at, his newest one “All watched over by the machines of loving grace” is on youtube.
It’s one of the nice mindfucks and fascinating how he builds up the arcs of his argumentation. An interesting point of view, that is worth watching even if you disagree with him 😉


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