Everyday gown


I’m wearing a men’s skin on a female shape- again. As FW never get catched naked this is only appropriate 🙂 I really love that skin, as it is exactly the thight-lipped stick-in-the-ass-look i was trying to achieve. And the skin is of good quality and not TOO ugly. That was a problem in the past as you have the choice between pornobabe and witch. meh.

Skin: The body co./ Hunter (new)
Hair: Elikatira
Gown: Knickknack
Gloves: Leezu
Flogger: LR Weapons
Undershirt: Mon Tissu


4 thoughts on “Everyday gown

  1. Stiller
    I am stupid. I realy tried to cam into your pictures!
    Looks good though, thats how I would imagine a low caste woman or the women in the forest towns.

    The Sleen

  2. Zeusel says:

    Zum gelinkten Video:
    The cake is a lie! 😉

  3. Eden says:

    probier mal den Atomic Travis.. vielleicht istd er auch was für dich:D

  4. stiller Himmel says:

    Travis sieht mir zu sehr nach 0815 aus, aber danke für den Tipp isn netter LAden.

    @Zeus: “Because I could not stop for Death,
    He kindly stopped for me;
    The cube had food and maybe ammo.
    And immortality.”

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