Kennel Mistress Xena…uh Gina


Part 568 of “Things that happen in the book that don’t happen in Sl Gor”: The “working” clothes of a kennel mistress. And my outfit is really tame in comparison to that:

She wore a leather halter and tights of black leather, Her midriff was strikingly white, and her arms and legs. There was a golden armlet on her left hand. Her hair was held back by another leather band. She wore a heavy studded belt, tightly buckled, and heavy sandals, almost like boots, with thongs. From her beld there hung a ring of keys and a coiled chain with a snap. On her belt, toward the back, on her right side, in a snap strap, hung a pair of steel manacles. I tried to turn away from her, for I was naked, but she drew back the whip and suddenly, again strucked me. “You are a woman.” I said, half turned from her, stung by the fierce strokke of her whip. There were tears in my eyes. “Do not insult me”, she said. She then struck me again with the whip. ~Fighting slave of Gor pg.46

Skin: Pink Fuel (100 L only)
Outfit: Deviance
Slave Goad: Primus
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Ibanez

Soundtrack: We are all disney 😛


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