Roll a D6

Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

Yo homies, let me tell you THE old pen and paper tip for roleplay:
Next time you don’t know how your character should react: roll a dice (a D6 is a dice with six sides, a D20 with 20…yeah, p&p players have a dice fetish and lot’s of lore about dice losing their luck if handled unproperly…O_O). If you rp a fight- roll dice before you react, because it’s pretty unplausible, that you can dodge every hit. It’s the quickest way to make fair decisions or give “luck” a chance ingame.

So a 50/50 chance would be on a D6: 1-3 yes, 4-6 No
A chance with higher plausibility can shift the proportions so it isn’t just a matter of probability. Maybe if you think, your character tends already to one side, or has clearly practice in fight: 1-2 negative, you fail, 3-6 positive, you succeed

You can also judge your reaction by the Number, for example a 1 is a absolute negative reaction or you make a major mistake, 6 is the lucky number, you do the best thing you could imagine, you could land a good attack and all the other numbers are nuances from that reactions on a scale of 1-6. Easy peasy huh? And why should one do that?

It’s sometimes good to remember that you are only playing a CHARACTER and that Gor is a GAME. Be cool kids! ~Captain Obvious

Yep. And always keep dice in a nice sack or little box. They like feeling precious. If that doesn’t work you can always threaten them into cooperation. >___>

Aaaaaanyway, back to me ­čśÇ What’s going on with me? I’m retconned being pregnant because of the last pictures. Pregnant from what? The sliders? OMG these bastards. So i aborted today and look now a bit flatter on both sides. Flat stiller is flat. Flatly, at the moment I hesitate with throwing myself in roleplay. It’s a bit chaotic, the core playtime for lydius seems to have shifted towards the early afternoon and I’m a bit aimless about what my character wants at the moment. I was off for severeal days, and am not playing rp for nearly a week….and i don’t miss anything. In fact, Sl is a timeconsuming and unrewarding mess at the moment. And I can’t just ignore that, they are my fellow players, so I back off the whole thing till I feel excited about rp again.


3 thoughts on “Roll a D6

  1. Mir kommts eher vor, als ginge zur Zeit alles erst immer dann los, wenn ich langsam off muss – also so gegen halb zehn, zehn.

    Und meine W├╝rfel kann ich so gut behandeln wie ich will, die hassen mich immer. Schonmal mit zehn w10 keinen einzigen Erfolg gew├╝rfelt? So sehr verachten sie mich.

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Wenn man nicht 24/7 on ist findet das gute Rp immer dann statt wenn man nicht da ist. Ach ich bin wohl einfach genervt vom OOC Mist in den Foren und Blogs. W├Ąre es nicht teilweise sehr lustig was Leute so an Stammtischpsychologie da schreiben, ich h├Ątte schon l├Ąngst aufgegeben

    Du bist nicht allein, ich hab auch immer W├╝rfelpech gehabt. Und ich hab echt alles versucht, selbst Gl├╝ckstassen und geweihte W├╝rfelbretter haben nichts gebracht. Oder Tauschb├Ârsen auf Cons wo man seine ungl├╝cklichen W├╝rfel loswerden konnte. So weit zu gehen, die W├╝rfel in Blut zu weihen wie ein RPler das mal gemacht hat, bin ich aber nicht gegangen ­čśë

  3. Djady/suca says:

    Beim Rollen bin ich echt imba! xD

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