Firefox clutter

Not my Desktop

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my Desktop

Some things that may be useful to know:


ctrl+ t : new tab
ctrl +f : text search
ctrl + left mouse click: open in new tab
mark text- middle mouse click: paste text

Tab Groups: You want to use them if you have a bazillion tabs open

Add-Ons you shouldn’t miss (add with firefox-Addons):
Adblock Plus
Https everywhere
(yep, I call that data hygiene. Go to settings advanced- general and check “tell websites i don’t want to be tracked” too. It’s a shame that most forums don’t have https.)

If you use more than one computer:
Firefox Sync– syncs all your passwords, preferences, bookmarks etc.- very handy

You don’t want the bookmark chaos anymore?
That’s in fact a matter of self discipline. Decide if you want to check that page later- when yes, then make a bookmark. All other reasons are not a good workflow. If you want to follow a page- don’t make a bookmark- get the rss feed and a feedreader (google that, i know you can do it 🙂 ). That’s much better to keep track of bazillion sites you want to read. Then there the sites you visit constantly. I don’t know you but why do you keep them as bookmarks? Firefox has autocomplete for websites, so you can just type the first characters and then click the suggestion or use the keyboard.

Use the search engines in the upper right corner for faster research:
And you can add other pages with search protocolls


2 thoughts on “Firefox clutter

  1. Gem says:

    Ich finde mein Firefox-Aussehen (siehe oberes Bild) so halt praktischer – so kann ich gleich auf die entsprechende Funktion klicken ohne erst das Menü aufrufen zu müssen. Natürlich gilt hier auch : YMMV. 🙂

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Welches Menü musst du denn aufrufen, wenn du dich stattdessen generell von den Lesezeichen verabschiedest? Dank Autocomplete und Rss readern braucht man sie eigentlich nur noch selten.

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