You were looking for tunics?

Phexgeweihte 2


Skin: Vive 9
Hair: Elikatira
Eyes, Pants: The Abyss
Tunic: Miel
Undershirt: Knickknack
Cape: Knickknack
Boots: Caverna Obscura / Part of Confessor Outfit
Whip: LR Weapons
Gloves: Lightstar
Maske: ViGo

An you find out there are only 5 shops for authentic tunics. So what does one do? Right, he looks for tunics at other places. This tunic from miel is really well done, but a tunic for women. It can also be worn by men, if they find a big scarf or something like that to cover up their upper body. This outfit is part of my hunting and travelling garb when I travel by tharlarion. The high boots will avoid my legs being scrubbed of by the tharlarions hide. And I’ve found a plain looking skin with thick eyebrows! Vive 9 has normally strange skins that don’t look good on my shape. This one, the newest is a much welcomed alternative. It has lots of options and with 850 Linden, it is not too expensive.

Yesterday I had a little chat with Dream from Fantasia, who made some awesome photos for her new greek outfits on the Lydius sim. It was interesting that she was a bit tired of the complaints and demands of hardcore BTBlers on how she should make her clothes and decided to make more fantasy stuff and roman apparel for Capua. I can understand her in some way. And her new dresses are really cool. Must. Buy. Soon. I think if you combine a normal dress with some modesty undershirts you can dress in lots of different ways, mix and match.


2 thoughts on “You were looking for tunics?

  1. *grins* Man könnte einen Schnittchenservice von Wirt Gabor machen lassen, wenn Leute bei uns ihre Klamotten ablichten möchten. Das könnte ja sogar IC passieren. Nur jemand mit ner Leinwand dazu hinstellen und die neugierigen Sklavinnen mit ´nem Stock wegprügeln. 😀

  2. Dream Resistance says:

    I love this Miel dress. I wore it in winter on my slave character and got /tons/ of compliments. And the belt comes separate, so you can wear it with other things too. I love it as hunting garb, great look!

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