Hair: Sky Everett Designs (modded)
Helmet: Enchilada (@G-spot Mainstore) (modded to fit on hair, hair tinted red)
Skirt: Evie’s Closet / part of Muse gown (tinted)
Upper part: Aoharu
Shield: Alika Sao Weoponry
Spear: Charon Swords (not for sale anymore i assume)
Bodypaint: [twee] / Verinne Ansar
Bracelets: Mandala
Pose: Dieselworks
Background: by Umbradenoapte-stock @Deviantart

I’m busy at the moment so it will take some time till the next post. This may be the most expensive hairstyle I’ve ever bought. A combination of Sky Everetts Liara Hair (650 Linden) and the helm from the Enchilada Armor (700 Linden), because with the other helmet it couldn’t get the look “right”. Have i ever mentioned that I’m vain? This Outfit took me very long, because i couldn’t find matching accessoires like bracers or other Jewelry. At last i made a compromise with Bodypaint from Twee (that looks very good and is tintable) and some bracelets from Mandala, who do good jewelry since ever.
It’s a pity, that i could never wear that in Gor, but somebody on the Spartacus Sim may have got an idea…

Roleplay is a bit on ice as I am on tight schedule in RL and need the evenings for my work. That will get better, but it may happen that I don’t come much online and that I delay all things concerning RP a bit. Hope i can be more online next week. Hasta la vista.

Mood: Totally musical-crazy and disney. I like singing Animators from Pixar 🙂


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