United States Of Stiller


Picture: Ok the masks are out. Instead of making several packages I threw them all together so you can mix and match. How much do you think it will cost? Don’t answer! XD It has custom Textures, 4 colors, 4 Masks, is fully modifiable and..:CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Sculpties! *ok so much for my Steve Ballmer impersonation* ^^

Ok and another Anouncement:
To whom it may concern, as nobody asked me directly, but some friends brought the theme up:

-stiller/Luma (obviously active)
-Oberyn/Miguel (builder, inactive)
-Sarandel/Sar (panther, inactive)
-Vallis/Utharius (warrior, an NPC i share with another friend of mine, when we want action)

That are all roleplay characters I have. And I’m very happy with playing Luma and Luma alone. I neither play the pani in lydius nor Lumas sister Anna nor my bodyguard Jo 😉 I won’t spend my spare time to log in with three accounts to destroy your characters life, the city you live in, or your ooc reputation. If you have a problem ooc with me, talk to ME and I may change my behaviour. If you have a problem IC with my character, solve it IC. Period.


3 thoughts on “United States Of Stiller

  1. ebediyet says:

    OOC Problem – you are to amazing!
    IC problem – I never find you to roleplay with!

    *sad face* lol

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    ^^ Uh….thank you!
    I’m in german Lydius, that may be the reason why 😉

  3. “I never had sex with Miss Luma!”

    Jawollja. Und ich kann bestätigen, dass Stiller weder Anna Maxima noch Douzen ist.

    Und Vallis mag ich! Der ist cool.

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