Opera of a private bank

The Inventor's wife

Die Freiheit ist schön, ach, das wissen wir alle,
doch willst du sie greifen, vergeht sie im Nu.
Denn wer am Speck sitzt, sitzt in der Falle,
und willst du hinaus, klappt die Falle zu.

~Dürrenmatt, Frank der Fünfte

Gown: Black Rose / Vivienne Daguerre
Shadow Tatoo on the Head: Hermony / from the Beanie set
Eyes: The Abyss
Hair: Wildo
Veil: Couching /Feorie Frimon
Jewelry: League
Belt: Malt
Orrery: Curio Obscura (link)

Soundtrack: The International- the soundtrack is the best thing from the entire Movie…after Lola Runs director Tom Tykwer seems not able to make good movies again :/

I don’t know why Viviennes work at Black Rose slipped past my fashion radar. With this Renaissance Gown she definitely excelled herself. The only “Manko” would be the very muted colors here i wear the red gown which looks more brown than red….but that’s a minor point in my opinion. Especially the hat stands out from other designs….she has a bit a knack for the big silly hat department (like myself). It’s worth a visit, as she has men’s stuff also, and of course her Tarns (about which i can’t say anything, I’ve never possessed even one 😉 )

Anyway, back to the blog, as you can see I found a simple theme here that allows me to display big pictures, and i want to use the WordPress typekit function on the fonts…a feature that let you play with more than the standard fonts. Unfortunately i don’t get the damn thing to work. It took me four hours yesterday to find solutions, i did some trial and errors but that didn’t help either…so please excuse the mess here 🙂 It WILL get better.

Roleplay: There are several plans for the bank to go “international”. I have reinforcements in form of my sister Anna Maxima and some unconventional business running also, that needs supervision. I tried to build up some private life but failed miserably. Some stupid rp actions I regret now. Meh, it’s not so easy to play a lady. But nevertheless, it’s remarkable how the numbers of free women (and Men) increased over the last week, I’m very happy about that. It’s sometimes important to do “woman activities” without men and slaves. If we could manage to build up a Dagger and Tea society and meet at the tea house, it would be great for independent roleplay. Sam, our Songstress gives courses in Dances of free women. We can scheme against people who doesn’t recognize our worth and power (the issue with the dirty tavern on the parade place MUST be handled soon! Sorry, Zasta 😉 ) and we can just have fun. The men will get some rest from us and can raid or fuck slaves or do things that men do when women are absent. A win-win situation if that works.

I like the role of the free woman very much now. At first I was a bit sceptic, but with some investment, you can choose from a broad choice of personalities. The limitations on the role are at first a bit hard to handle. You need time to acclimatize to the way your character dresses, that you wear veils and how you should carry yourself. I’m not a role model for free woman, and do many faults, too. Thanks to all that don’t mind anyway 😉

As i always try to get some media (books, documentations, mainstream movies) on the role I am playing, I reread the (unfortunately only published in german) play Frank the Fifth. It is about a swiss bank, where nearly everyone is corrupted and now wants to quit the business with as much money as they can get. As Frank the fifth- leader of the bank- stages his dead, to find out who’s the most worthy successor, hell breaks loose. It’s very satirical and some nifty songs are also there. Dürrenmatt has definitely a dark humour I like very much, “the physicists” is another short play from him that is also fun to read 🙂


2 thoughts on “Opera of a private bank

  1. Thank you for your kind review. I am glad you like the dress.

    A bank in Lydius you say… I will have to visit. I role play a free woman who is a wealthy merchant, and I am looking to stash some coin in secret accounts that I can access in an emergency, with no questions asked, no matter what my appearance or apparent status may be.

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Thank you too. I think that will not be a problem, except maybe the language (I’m playing on a german sim, where german is mandatory- or a translator, because most of our people here don’t speak nor understand english. Yes, this is more common than most may think. And the reason why german sims are a bit isolated from international sims.

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