The Times are a-Changin: First Investor Opens Bank of Lydius


Gown, Hair: ViGo
Hairbase: Boon
Skin: Ys&Ys
Poncho: Malt
Jewelry: League (Freaky Friday Special)
Veil, Bag: Bare Rose
Desk: Fatale (modded) / Mila Vendetta
Bookshelves: Noctis / Yelena Istmal
NPC: Noob Pack Freebie (modded) (link)
Safe: Tesla’s Effect (link)

Lydius: After a long haggle with the administration of Lydius, foreign investor Lady Luma con Ar now managed to open the Bank to the public. In the street of coins you can open an own account, lend credit or let your money work for itself. Lady Luma admits, that it wasn’t easy at first to build up this enterprise “because nobody really saw the benefit of a bank.”. But they were at last too eager to let a potential investor slip away. They were in severe need of money to rise up from the ashes of their destroyed city, that it neither mattered that the investor was female, red caste and from a foreign homestone. “Yes of course i made compromises. but in the end I hope we have a win-win situation, especially because this is after all a merchant city. It needs hard coin to overcome the depression and kickstart the economy.”

“In cunctis domina pecunia est”- Money reigns the world is written on the fresco in the entrance hall. Will it prove true that money knows no caste? At this time everybody seems satisfied with the outcome, even the first merchant, Gar. We will report further from Lydius. Good night and safe paths.

[videolog 417824]


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