A stinking rich bitch

lady gorgeous

Gown: Bare Rose: Julia
Vest: Malt / Khea Karas
Gloves: Paper Couture – Part of Divinchi
Hand jewelry: League
Necklace: LaGyo
Hair: Plume
Mask: ViGo
Modesty shirt: So many styles

Background: Eirian-stock (link)

I first got the idea of playing a banker from the charming gorean short story from the perspective of the flamboyant Victor, Banker of Salernum who staged a nearly perfect play as mafia like godfather in the attempt to get his money back from one citizen….and instead broke a nose and realizing his thugs got the wrong man (something like that). It was a hell of fun to read and inspired me to take a new direction with my (at that time) boring red caste woman. Now, i have lots of things to do, lots of plans and people i want to interact with, simply because i intend to open a bank and lead it to success. Instead of repeating the same old stories about companionship, love and submission, I decided for a fresh start and I had most interesting roleplay ever since i stopped playing Alcuin the pale.

And i don’t intend to turn this fun into buroucratic work. I decided not to involve myself in the gm Coin Trade or NLS Coins or the zillion other systems that are around in rp sims, simply because I’m here to roleplay, not to play economic simulations. Most people i’ve met play similar, which means they have a life standard of being wealthy or poor and interact from that standpoint. No need to count coins. If someone wants to open an account, I’ll make notices as well as who took a credit but aside from that I’ll take it easy. There was an invitation from the Bank of Sais recently but I was busy in another roleplay…but maybe next time i’ll travel to english gor to look how much potential for rp this could have. It sounds interesting but believing it will result in a regular coin trade and interaction with english sims would be a bit illusionous from my point of view. RP in english is work for me and i don’t enjoy myself as much as in german. So forgive me my reluctance, I know some people are very engaged in their belief how this should be played.

Another thing i think about is how I’ll handle the security issue…at the moment I am still writing the NCs for the safe, explaining what thiefs should be aware of if they plan to rob the bank (bad idea – it’s the best guarded place in Lydius…it’s in the same place as the mint). And i bought some noob prims that will be my bankers and guards šŸ™‚ If i get building rights, the bank will soon start to be build…and I’m really excited about that.



2 thoughts on “A stinking rich bitch

  1. Adam Zadeh says:

    Do you happen to have a link to the short story? I would love to read it, having played Adam, a wine merchant in Port Kar, in a similiar way. It’s really opened up some interesting pathways.

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Ahh i found it šŸ™‚ The story starts at pg. 50.


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