I’m going hunting


Skin: Redgrave
Hair Overlay: 99 Elephants
Eyes: The Abyss
Tunic, Pants: Zaara
Boots: Shiny Things
Bow, Dagger: LR Weapons
Mask: ViGo
Jacket: Tailleurs Putain / Noemi Azambuja
Jewelry: League

Background: night-fate-stock (link)

“She was very lovely and attractive in her hunting costume, brief tunic and long hose, brown, a scarlet cape and cap, the cap with a feather. She carried a short, yellow bow, of Ka-la-na wood, which could clear the saddle of the tharlarion, its missile being easily released to either side. Her black boots, slick and shining were spurred. A quiver of arrows, yellow, was at the left of her saddle.”
~Beasts of Gor, page 111~

Oh and btw…i wouldn’t use that bow easily on humans. This weekend I’ll go huntin in Lydius Woods…who wants to accompany me, is cordially invited. It’s a good place to talk about politics 🙂


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