A struggle with no modify

Skintest Redgrave Hunter

Project A-cup. A shape with little breasts:
Skin: Redgrave
Cleavage decreaser: Redgrave
Shape: selfmade
Hands, Feet: Slink
Hair: Exile (not available in this form)
Mouth: Old Embryo Freebie

Dear Content Creators,
Can we please stop with the no modify clothes? I had an incident in the last days where the permissions were not visible in ANY WAY. Hanging your items on coat hangers like in a real shop is cool, but please have the courtesy to inform your clients what permissions they have. You can do that with writing the information somewhere on the vendor or when you let them “buy” the item instead of using the “pay” option. With the buy option you see, what permissions your item has. With “pay” not. Everything else is just not fair. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke.

Ok time is up, next pain:
Resize scripts DON’T make an item modifieable…just scaleable. Resize scripts make only sense in some sort of items. Jewelry, shoes, some hair styles, clothes with tons of little pieces like some silks. They should be a help and service for your clients and ADDITIONAL to modifying rights…if they are used as a DRM tool – and an excuse to sell no modify clothes these days, you’re doing it WRONG. Seriously, I can’t count the times, where I bought a neutral looking dress, planning to tint it, stretch some prims, then realizing that it isn’t possible because it’s full of resize scripts or the clothes layers are no modify. And you sell it for modify. Oh Puhlease! As if no modify items will stop a copybotter. This behaviour is exactly one of the reasons, why people rip your stuff. Not all rippers are malevolent assholes, i know enough people that rip clothes and skins they bought, because they miss the freedom to make a bought item really their own. It’s similar to the actual discussion going around the intertubes about creativity and copyright in da digital age. How much should a design belong to a Creator, how much should a designer influence the creativity of his customers. My opinion is, a designer should always try to enhance the inworld experience for his clients. In a virtual world, where individuality is hard to obtain, selling modifieable items is like selling a bit of freedom. Think about that.

Soundtrack: Some modified Content:


5 thoughts on “A struggle with no modify

  1. Layne says:

    I agree with this. We should be able to mod our clothes just like we do in rl. I buy t-shirts with the idea of ripping the sleeves or something off it. Make it grunge and my own style. I agree we should be able to do this here in sl as well. Not rip sleeves off but you know, make it our own style.

    I do understand why some things are no mod. Being a builder myself, they are some things that would just not work right if someone went and modded it. So i can see no mod on some things. Scripted things especially. I dont feel like fixing a product 3000 times that i knew would break if i left it mod. (which btw is why they came up with resizers. it made it easier on people who didnt understand the concept of clicking the little box next to edit linked prims.

    Funny story. I few years back (2006) when i strated playing sl, There was a big debate because a big name skin designer modded a skin with heavy eyeliner. (not her design but a friend on the same sim with her) She wasnt selling it but it was by copying it that allowed her to mod it. OMG the butthurt that people were yelling about it not being right and they all wanted to fry her. They claimed it compromised the original way the creator wanted it to look. (it was something crazy like that. I didnt see the big deal. She wasnt selling it. It was personal.) They wind up splitting a good friendship over the fight. Fast forward to now, we have so many tat layers that “compromise” original skins from the state the creator sold them in. Wheres the butthurt now?? I guess it only is a bitch when you can drag pitchforks out over it i guess. lol

    So yeah i agree with being able to mod things. But i dont agree if you have to use illegal means to do it. Sold or not it doesn’t make it right.

  2. Suede S says:

    I also have this problem, with NoMod clothing, my answer, shapes galore, Suedeskirt, suedeboobies, suedenoboodies, suedehips56, suedelowwaist, and so on it goes.. I hate it and disappointed cause I bought it cause I want to wear your designs and to blog them, and you know I cannot when it doesnt fit.

    *it’s called shooting yourself in the foot*

  3. stiller Himmel says:

    *Nods* very well put, Layne. People will always find ways to circumvent restrictions, when they really want something bad enough. As a creator I am aware of that problem and want to make it as easy as possible for them to get what THEY want- without comprmising myself. It’s at best a win-win situation, sometimes it’s more a compromise. Droning on how my items should be worn like i’m a fashion guru is one thing, that would annoy me as a customer…as well as making some stuff no mod. I treat my customers like i want to be treated myself. It’s as easy as that. And I love to see what blogger do with modding stuff. That is similar to remixes or mashups in music i think. It has creative value and sometimes creators even get new ideas from modded clothing. It should be encouraged. The line is crossed in my opinion, when people make money with your items or by selling your stuff as freebies. Thats not creative, it’s harmful, and lazy.

  4. Marianne says:

    You write it so much better than I could. Can I take out parts and put in my profile? I love the last part: “In a virtual world, where individuality is hard to obtain, selling modifiable items is like selling a bit of freedom. Think about that.”

  5. stiller Himmel says:

    Sure, feel free to use my text, Marianne :))

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