Skin: Birth
Dress: Knickknack (tinted)
Top: Zaara (tinted)
Jacket: Ricielli (Hunt item, tinted)
Necklace: Uzuri
Hair, Flower: Wildo
Makeup: Launa Fauna @Kozmetika
Background: Frida Kahlo, Moses, 1945. Oil on Masonite. 37 x 20 in. (94 x 50.8 cm). Private Collection, Texas.

I don’t know how many people copy mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s style these days. Flowers plus lots of chunky jewelry and bright red lips and very bold and unplucked brows…i think that’s a fashion statement that’s always unique and especially interesting for free women. So, it’s time for a hommage! But i know that it was hard to find colorful and simple dresses like the ones she’s wearing on her portraits or photos. At the end I colored everything i found but wasn’t fully convinced by it. I recommend you to combine these pieces carefully for several reasons: Riciellis Jacket is very pricey if you don’t get the hunting item. And it is prims only, so you will spend some time adjusting things and even then your avatar will poke through some parts. Zaaras top is nice and colorful as ever but hard to combine with the things i had. Nevertheless one shop i can recomment wothout doubt: Wildo. The small shop has some very nice updos and flowers and the best thing is, that this shop is really inexpensive, starting at 80-90 Linden for a hairdress or some flowers.


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