Plucking Eyebrows hurts!


Skin: Birth
Hair: Boon
Eyes: The Abyss

I became bored of my redgrave skin in particular and female skins in general. Why oh why is it not possible to buy a skin without plucked or trimmed eyebrows? There are tons of skins with bazillion makeups when all i want is some pimples and rough skin. FORGET IT! They don’t have pores in our days even… It’s more normal to look like a puppet with a nose and lip job than a frakkin woman! And i don’t mean ugly…just …you know, normal. Instead I have the choice between little girl, slut, model, a hag or an alien. Or they are good in their idea but bad in their execution. Or you look like a clone. Yay.

Long story short, i changed back to male skins, because they have a bit rougher skins and more character in general, but this time i play a woman…Another reason why this free woman covers up! Hello caterpillar eyebrows, i heart you! Hello chiseled chin i missed you, too! Luma is a tomboy, who doesn’t care so much about her beauty than others. A bit ironic, that in order to achieve that look, I have to search myself half dead, because i want the clothes to be well textured, modelled and a bit original, etc.

I should post more about tunics. one guy immed me today and told me he lacks choices in tunics…and that’s an old known problem to me…nevertheless, stiller is on the hunt and keeps his eyes open for you >___>

Soundtrack: It’s the theme of an old soviet news show, quite catchy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Plucking Eyebrows hurts!

  1. Oh I love, LOVE this face. I look like a clone of everyone else but I love it when I see unusual faces in SL. This is stunning.

  2. Die Rückkehr der Frida-Kahlo-Augenbraue.
    Noch wütender könntest Du nur noch mit einer Monobrow wirken. 🙂
    Eine Kollegin von mir kommt aus einem italienischenDorf, in dem sie noch vor 50 Jahren Kinder ausgesetzt haben, die mit einer durchgehenden Augenbraue geboren wurden, weil das ein Zeichen für einen Werwolf wäre. Und in Süditalien haben einige Kinder solche Augenbrauen.

  3. stiller Himmel says:

    @Chalice: Thank you, hun 🙂 You’ve got some nice styles there. Hope you don’t mind that i steal some of your post ingrediences….especially the african skin looks great on you!

    @Zasta: Interessante Idee für einen Charakter 🙂 Eine Goreanerin aus dem Süden, die als halber Kur gilt 🙂
    Aber yay, du hast das Vorbild für das Aussehen dieses Chars erkannt 🙂 100 Gummipunkte ^^

  4. ebediyet says:

    I just saw your comments, yes!! You inspire me so much, I have a mini-lust for your blog and your photo’s. It’s not about the glamour of having a blog, or the prestige (If there is a prestige) it is about the artistry, the expression.

    Thank you so much for your comments and support, and thank you for continuing to inspire me and impress me.

  5. I know Mothergoose, creator Milok Hermit, has skins with non-plucked eyebrows. You can always go and try there too =]

  6. stiller Himmel says:

    @Verinne: Yeah and &bean has some skins with thick eyebrows too, i had a mother gooses skin before, but they’re not as good textured then these master eyebrows of doom (ok…an i am reluctant because this skin was so pricey ;=)). Lol, I can’t even walk around naked anymore or take my clothes off…it would be a bit unsettling when i emote my shining breasts and the guy looks at a male skin with thick black hair all over chest and stomach….lol. Forever alons :))

    @ebediyet: Thank you very much *blushes* i can only return the compliment. You all give me feedback from time to time, it’s great to share these things with you and to know that i don’t do this for 2 people, from which one is my mother (=_= that would be creepy indeed) ^^

  7. haha
    that i don’t do this for 2 people, from which one is my mother (=_= that would be creepy indeed) ^^

    ich schmeiss mich weg.

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