Oh my limits, i heart them….

NOT! (Webcomic is from http://oglaf.com , it’s great!)

One thing that has caught my attention about SL Gor, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, is that in SL Gor there doesn’t exist anything such as a “RP has to be consentual”, instead it tries to regulate feelings of danger through enforced sim rules. To me, this whole concept isn’t suitable. In my opinion people should always have the right to discuss where RP would go OOCly and to steer it as such. If you’re a FW that doesn’t wish to be raped, sexually used, enslaved… fine… just tell it to your captor and he will find a way to RP around it.

Anarch of the goreanforums made a very good comment on sim rules and limits and i agree completly with him:

This rule madness has to stop as it doesn’t help people to be better players, instead it scolds them and takes the original problem (handling stupidity) elsewhere instead of solving it. As far as i can say, I never read sim rules or limits, I wear weapons that are legal in all sims, I solve my own problems in character or in IM first before i call a mod. I maneuver around people who metagame or don’t honor my rp choices with feasible reactions. I don’t have a no rp list, despite some people pissed me of royally in the past, and I am now more open about giving people or sims a second chance. And the worst- it has proven as a successfull and stress free method of handling OOC drama!

After all, roleplay is about creativity and spinning great stories together. Roleplay is always an offering of one player to the other. He must have the OOC choice to say no, thank you. Without being rude or throwing a tantrum. With rules you create only false standarts of rightousness. For example if one guy writes “no haircut” in his profile, the people laugh….if every kajira does this, because she has seen it and believes it’s her “right” to have that particular limit, it gets insane. If you don’t want your hair cut, solve that problem in IM! Just behave a bit realistic and adjust your perspective to others in short: Act like you possess common sense. If you are captured you can’t ask for the princess treatment…but you can say that you feel uncomfortable and need some time to calm yourself ooc. If you use rules, be aware that people will take you by your word! It’s always easy to point at rules or limits, but they can also backfire at you and let you seem stupid. You don’t need them when you behave like an adult instead.

Fairness and being open and polite to each other OOC are abilities that cannot be enforced with rules or limits.


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