The Stratega of Tharna


Young Artesia was blessed (or cursed) with many paths from which to choose. As the daughter of a famous witch who was burned at the stake (occupational hazard), Artesia has learned and wields considerable magic, but she chose not the path of Magic. As a beautiful woman who enjoys sex in all its aspects, Artesia indulges herself when opportunity presents, but she chose not the path of Eros. As a worshiper of living gods, Artesia has received numerous spiritual (and material) blessings and benefits, but she chose not the path of Worship. Possessed of an inquiring mind like her brother, Artesia has sought out and acquired considerable knowledge, but she chose not the path of Scholarship. Instead Artesia chose the path of War, and that has made all the difference. ~Artesia

Tunic, Scarf, Pants, Undershirt: Knickknack
Vest: Amerie (Men’s item)
Hair: 99 Elephants
Boots, Gloves: Lightstar
Mask; Strategy table: ViGo
Skin: Redgrave
Eyes: The Abyss

There is a Valentine’s Sale at Knickknack for alle red items (12-17 th of February), and because of that i had to raid Levias shop XD

The quote relates to the hard to read but interesting Artesia graphic novels (link). Thanks again for the tip, Adran, it helps to read this novels more than one time. Especially remarkable is the main character, a pagan Jeanne d’Arc and commander of an army won’t get away easily with her choices, even if she has some superior abilities. The most important skill in war isn’t the individual fighting skills and the comic isn’t about fanservice of female fighters in panties. It’s about politics in a world of spirits and magic and how it changes people. And of course- Artesia is a strong female character who doesn’t fold in front of problems…she’s a heroine i can only admire.

If I ever return to playing my red caste woman, she’ll be actively involved in a similar way in warship, maybe in the field of logistics. She’s not pretty, she hasn’t any interest in procreating, and i don’t wanna play a suffragette who can do everything better than men. But there must be a middle ground between prim and proper beautiful free woman on the one hand and femlaw/suffragette on the other…I will just play her as i imagine her character…and that picture is constantly changing, lol.

Now she has enough money and searches for a homestone, i thought about making her eventually a banker OR a red caste administration assistant. Who does things like… making inventory lists, buying equipment for the warriors, budget planning, Drawing Wanted posters or trying to get the warriors into raiding strangers…because the money is out. Things like that. :)) The Outfit is for men, but as i can’T find a decent hunting outfit, i just pull this over and go along with it. Even if i now have some hardcore abs in this. Call me wash board Bess O_O

Soundtrack: Hope my neighbours like this music… =_=


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