Would you kindly…?

If i didn't care

The assassin has overcome my final line of defense, and now he plans to murder me. In the end what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No, a man chooses, and a slave obeys! ~Andrew Ryan

Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Bryce
Steampunkt Outfit: by Secret Luminos on Marketplace (link)
Shoes: Shiny Things /Fallingwater Cellardoor
Socks: League
Daggers: LR Weapons
Eyepatch: old item from Groll Inn & Hideout
Armor+ Neck: WINK*L by Secret Luminos — Warrior (Old Item)
Untershirt: Moderno (old item)

This skirt is so awesome! Not only for Steampunk but for a skimpy free woman or a she-urt maybe? Nevertheless one of the things i had to buy, even if my character won’t wear it in character.

Gamers tipp: Bioshock (btw Andrew Ryan is the voice of Quark, the Ferengi from Star Trek). This game is insanely good! As well as the second part (that#s on my to play list). If you like or hate Ayn Rand the game may be also something for you as some aspects of the setting base heavily on her objectivism theory^^


3 thoughts on “Would you kindly…?

  1. Die gute Frau Rand möchte ich gern packen, schütteln und in ein Katzenklo einpflanzen. “Atlas shrugs” ist ungefähr auf einer Kohärenzstufe mit Normans volldurchdachtem Weltbild.
    Aber zu Deinen Kamotten: Wie immer extravagant. Der Rock hat etwas von einem Fin-de-Siécle-Lampenschirm. Auf eine gute Weise. 😉

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Richtig Zasta. Und wie ich beobachtet hab is Rand bei einigen Goreanern genauso beliebt was ihre Sprüche angeht. Man möge daraus seine eigenen Schlüsse ziehen ^^

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