My big fat gorean wig


When I came out into society I was 15. I already knew that the role I was condemned to, namely to keep quiet and do what I was told, gave me the perfect opportunity to listen and observe. Not to what people told me, which naturally was of no interest, but to whatever it was they were trying to hide. I practiced detachment. I learned how to look cheerful while under the table I stuck a fork into the back of my hand. I became a virtuoso of deceit. It wasn’t pleasure I was after, it was knowledge. I consulted the strictest moralists to learn how to appear, philosophers to find out what to think, and novelists to see what I could get away with, and in the end, I distilled everything to one wonderfully simple principle: win or die. ~Marquise de Merteuil

Wig+ Hair Jewelry: Tukinowaguma
Outfit: Fantasia /Dream Resistance /Sabi in Spice
Shoes: Maitreya Gold / Moxie
Teapot – Bag: Tokidoki
Gloves: Leezu
Sim: german lydius (is under construction atm)

Fantasias Dresses look much better on yourself then on the vendors, where they – like the vigo ones btw- look a bit boring :/
This is the first dress i own from dream and i think she makes wonderful straight robes. In this post i tried a rich and flamboyant outfit like the ones princess amidala wears (hey, i watched the star wars prequel only because of the costumes, i swear!). With the result that i get several emotes about being overdressed and looking like a christmas tree *laughs*


4 thoughts on “My big fat gorean wig

  1. ebediyet says:

    Oh well about the emotes, some people just don’t get it. Beautiful artistry with your wardrobe again.

  2. stiller Himmel says:

    Thank you thank you :))

    Yep that’s right…but as someone said once upon a time: De gustibus non est disputandum. ^^

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