70ies are back. Stiller also


Skin: Redgrave
Makeup: Nuuna (Freebie), A.e.meth (@Kozmetika)
Shirt: Leezu /Lourdes
Skirt: so many styles
Hair: Miamai
Arms and undershirt: Paper Couture / Divinchi / Ava Lu
“Veil”: Illusions (old blindfold, modded)
Hands: Slink
Only wearable with my kimono ao from: Kami Hitoe /Sala Snook

Gor: Stiller is back into mainstream roleplay. He…SHE was forced to force rp, got a candlestick from the ruins of lydius and giftet it to an old guy. Now she’s up and away to a safer place for herself and her money, cause Lydius is a bit chaotic at the moment. I should really try ar, it’s even her homestone. And i met gia *waves* who really has a ship in her hair 🙂 i love that style!

Outfit and Media:
in Germany nearly every foreign movie or series ist dubbed into german (the dutch are better with that-they only add subtitles- and in most cases speak also better english than the average german). And as you can imagine, there’s a loss in dialogue quality going on with that. For example you can’t translate the constant “fuck” in some series and movies. It sounds immature in direct translation, like a 14 year old teenager with bad manners, not a big badass with an attitude. Cursing and jokes made out of idioms are really hard to get “right”. I prefer the english versions over the translated one all the time. Except for this one. The persuaders was an average series in the uk, which ran in syndication on german tv till the mid 90ties. And it’s one of the few series that are better in translation than in the original. This is because the translators literally fucked up the script, rewrote it and then just went bonkers. I can’t tell which drugs they didn’t abuse, but the result is hilarious. If you understand german and you can get “die 2”, buy it! It’s even better than the “Saber rider and the star sheriffs” Anime that got a similar treatment. And the dialogue is so worth of stealing for roleplay (“Sie können sich ewig bei mir beliebt machen wenn sie sich jetzt subtrahieren”….großartig) So this outfit is not btb but it’s so 70ties…Barbarella meets Gor or something like that. It’s most suitable for a house gown.


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