Feeling depressed yet?

puppet orgy

Skins shown are from: The Abyss (men), Belleza (men), DenDou (men), Laq (middle), Lelutka (black chick in the foreground), and the rest i dunno.

This is a picture that i shot spontaneously. Alternative title is: “Me and my friends and their alts throw a ooc party”. It wasn’t IC. That would be impossible. Even having a menage a trois is WORK to play out. And naked Avatars look like puppets i think. Sooo conclusion:

Things that are rare in SL Gor:

1. Orgies
2. Conflict Rp without conflict ooc
3. People who play a story, not a Mary Sue
4. suspense
5. people who act instead of whining ooc
6. humor
7. Sex (uuuuhhhh thats BDSM honey!)
8. an ongoing, plausible storyline
9. a male slave
10. Gor “BTB”*

*(whatever that means, it’s nearly impossible to get. Someone is always nitpicking.)

Feeling depressed yet? Theres only one game i think thats more depressing than Sl Gor (but for entirely other reasons). Let’s get wasted with:


Do i have a mood swing? yes.
Do you have to care about this? Nope.
Will it influence my Rp? Yep, but as i no patience to wait for rp in my spare time, I’m OOC most of the time


One thought on “Feeling depressed yet?

  1. the redgrave is the guy in the middle behind the chick in the middle. lmao

    I understand how you are feeling. 😦
    The fact , that gor is missing are important facts, those make gor to gor ..
    I wish i could join in a (g)orgy XD

    Like the pic 🙂

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