Challenge: Post an interesting BTB Outfit

Triopta released

Gown: Bare Rose
Belt: fishy strawberry
Gloves: Lightstar
Hood: Illusions
Mask: Vigo

I finally released the first mask, and named it Triopta, after the three eyed magicians masks of Myranor (a german pen & paper rpg). It’s available in the Vigo Mainshop 🙂 Other will surely follow, when i’m able to bake reflections on the mask. I’m very pleased with the result, doing the textures was much less hard than modelling the sculpts. And with the help of lots of people at goreanforums i completed the outfit and like it so much i don’t want a new skin anymore.

Nevertheless one remarkable result of the discussion on goreanforums was imo, that most gorean roleplayers from the hardcore btb corner seem far more conservative and narrow minded in clothing issues than the average gorean fashionista (ok that’s not soo surprising). There are several fashion bloggers out there, gorgeous people, nearly all of them are female. They blogg about slave wear or very beautiful gowns for free women while showing of their skin and hair. From my own experience i can say they do it, because it’s easier. Most “authentic” gorean clothes are really boring and simple in terms of textures and prims. I can understand too, that most don’t want to run around like a pile of prims with a name tag on. So the challenge is to put together an outfit that is really btb, yet interesting and refreshing, that people WANT to look authentic…go on and dazzle us :))

And don’t forget to crosslink to this post 😀

This outfit is for my red caste woman, indicated by her bright red belt, who is a refugee from old tharna, a member of the coucil who fled and gone nuts over the idiocracy there. I think the outfit mirrors her personality perfectly. Oh btw. women doesn’t wear only her caste color, especially not in their leisure time. Normally, the gowns of free women are richer and more colorful, maybe encrusted with brocade or jewels. This very simple one is definitely for visiting other cities. It may help to keep a low profile, if the mask is exchanged for a veil. Even Cernus of Ar, a Slaver in Assasins of Gor wore grey tunics with only a blue/yellow border. So be assured, this is no female assasin ^^

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10 thoughts on “Challenge: Post an interesting BTB Outfit

  1. tja also cih kenn da wen der geht die jetzt mal schnappen die maske *_*
    Ick sammel ja alles ne XD 😛

    Grossartige arbeit. Was ne geduld du hast ist mal unsagbar. Gratulation!!!!!!!

  2. Brr…. Güldenland…. 😉
    Wir haben abgestimmt und sind bei Aventurien geblieben. 😀

    Zu Deiner Maske: Es sieht klasse aus. Wirklich, echt toll. Ich hätte gern mehr RP mit Dir da gehabt, aber dank der Wanja-Story kann ich IC mit Masken nur noch das alte “Schreien, draufschlagen, wegrennen” praktizieren. Schlimmer Fall von Pawlow.

  3. ebediyet Matthews says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!! I am so excited to buy the mask, it reminds me of the story of the “Man in the Iron Mask”, and what a wonderful mystery it is. I always find that I prefer the full face veils and hood combination rather then fully exposed (at least as a FW). And speaking in terms of gor, it is safer. If one does not know the FW is beautiful behind the mask, then why would someone waste time to steal and capture them? Anyways, brilliant work, please please PLEASE release more!

  4. stiller Himmel says:

    @ebedyet: Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 I think it will take some time till new masks appear, as things tale always a while for me. But that’s definitely next on the working list. 🙂
    @Zasta: Es ist deine Entscheidung wie hart du das spielst. Sicherlich is ne MAske beunruhigend, vor allem eine rostige mit gelben Augengläsern, wer von Tharna gehört hat mag sich nun einiges denken. Andererseits weißt du das Wanja tot ist und deine Reaktion als du mich trafst war auch eher ruhiger und wie ich fand, passig. Ich war ja och net auf krawall gebürstet.

    @PawlowUm nen Pawlowschen Reflex auszulösen müsste man dich schon brechen und neu konditionieren, das du durch Masken getriggert wirst. Das geht nicht mal eben so…und Güldenland is geilomatisch…nur leider nicht gut umgesetzt. Sone RP Welt ala Clash of the Titans hätte echt was. Nur das mit Aventurien zu verbinden war keine so gute Idee…hätten se mal in ein Parallel Universum packen sollen. Was die da nun mit Uthuria machen, da rollen sich bei mir auch vorzeitig die Fußnägel hoch…

    @Garnet: Danke. Schlicht und ergreifend danke 🙂

  5. ebediyet Matthews says:

    Not very good with taking photo’s but I HAD to do the challenge, it was to much fun not to. Not sure how BtB it is, but here you go, I made a flickr just to do this.


  6. giadakoba says:

    Hey Stiller. I struggle to find dresses for a Gorean FW that are not medieval looking, worn by everyone else, or just plain boring. I dearly wish I could take all the designers of Asian fashion and force them to make Gorean clothes. While this outfit may not display the absolute book ideal of thick robed layers that completely occlude a womanly figure, it does look ornate and covers everything but her eyes (hair is portrayed as being hidden by a wig) I look forward to seeing more examples, especially if someone can make head coverings look interesting.

  7. giadakoba says:

    Flickr hates me cause I posted pics of pixel peens 😦

  8. Roewan Kline says:

    I love everyone’s contributions! And Stiller, I must say MASSIVE kudos on the mask! For years I have loved the use of masks in rp and wish that ppl would use them more!!! It’s possible to have BTB wear that is open to interpretation! We see so many descriptions of slaves in the books that it’s impossible to have ONE way of doing everything. Not to mention that we see slaves depicted as worker drones in their bits of rags but we also see depictions of beautifully bejeweled dancing slaves that served to attest to their Master’s wealth and taste! And who wouldn’t want the prettiest pony at the race? 😀

  9. […] and I am eager to learn where I fit in. The look above was created for Stiller’s by-the-book challenge, and while I don’t think anyone did justice to the concept Stiller had, we all did try our […]

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