Preview: Behind the iron mask


Because veils suck and i can’t find a decent full mask i decided to build my own. I just finished most of the modelling part, which took me 3 days minimum with no real references used… now there will be a major cleanup, more fine modelling with some effects that will guarantee me perfect controll over my textures. What looks like plastic at the moment will become a combination of fabrics and steel/metal, i want an ancient feel to a modern design, i hope i get it scratched and roughed up, because too clean is boring. When it’s finished, there should be several versions: At least the mask with the head part, or the mask alone with just two leather straps so that you can combine it with hair or other hats. Inspiration were the masks from stargate and the mechanists from thief 2 (one of my most favourite games ever). I think about including a script that you can make the mask invisible with one click. If one of you people has such a script laying around in your inventory and are willing to give it to me, you are very welcome 🙂 I must admit I’m clueless with scripts… dunno *scratch*. Damn! So many ideas and so little time 🙂



4 thoughts on “Preview: Behind the iron mask

  1. Verinne Ansar says:

    This looks *amazing* O_O

  2. I totally see the Stargate in it, and I’m jealous both of your capabilities and for not thinking of it first. Love it!

  3. Aber hallo hat da jemand den Blender gequält! Coole Wurst!
    Hast Du das alles allein im Mixerprogramm gemacht? Dann bin ich von Deiner Geduld sowas von beeindruckt, da gibt es keine Worte für.

  4. stiller Himmel says:

    @Verinne, Sabina : Thank you, both of you 🙂 i hope it will look as good in SL :))

    @Zasta: Das Bild ist bis auf Nachschärfen und etwas mehr Kontrast unbearbeitet. Tatsächlich ist es einfacher so ein Rendering zu bauen als das ganze dann 1:1 nach Sl zu portieren…oh wie ich es hasse! Meist muss man ganze Teile eines Modells nochmal neu machen, weil es in Sl dann nochmal ein ganzes Stück ätzender aussieht :(( Aber das wird langsam.

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