Hab nen Kotelett anner Backe..

kotelett anner backe

Skin: Mother’s Goose /Milok Hermit
Hair: Boon
Outfit: Vita’s Boudoir /Vitabela (Freebie)

I’m more and more stressed from the constant ooc hassle with some topics in RP and i ask myself, why people can’t stop bitching about things that don’t concern them at all? This time there is a slave who got pregnant from her master, there is a character who has a skill in drop forging which is not ok. There are OOC dramas laid out in painstaking detail for everybody not concerned. Some people definitely have to chill out and stop the drama lama.
So what has the topic to do with the actual outfit? There’s a idiom for that in german, literally meaning you talk so much, that the person you talk to grows a steak on his cheek. So have a look at this fleshy outfit, called “little piece of meat”.

eEvertheless, while i try not to listen too much at the “opinion-makers” around here, I look at my treve pinup calendar that vila gifted to me (thank you, dear!) and am chuckling about “bob the builder” or “the hunter with the boner” all gorean style… you have to go to the english city of treve and aquire these calendars…They are an awesome idea or a group portrayal. I and some friends of mine reviewed them and couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously, this is a job well done! 😀

Soundtrack (Some people may get the insider joke 🙂 )


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