Hip To Be Square


Dress: Junbug
Necklace: Mandala
Hair: .lamb
Sim: Insilico

Sucky picture suck. There are really great bloggers into gor fashion i can only admire for their photographing skills…like the dudette from awesomesauce or the larlwitchnarniawor….the blog with the long name (see links). That’s cool stuff and if you don’t wanna check them out immediately. prepare for a spanking you naughty elitists! πŸ™‚

I’va had a little banter with a friend of mine who happens to play a kaissa player… I can’t play kaissa if my life depends on it, but after i lost my 3rd match in a row (yeah i can be stubborn for rematches) we talked about fashion and dude…i was totally out of tipps. Red and yellow square tunics are only available at Vigo, and some other more obscure shops in the marketplace. In the end i told him to put on a checkered sash and combine red and yellow pieces. Well and then i found this checkered dress from Junbug, a very cute and beautiful piece of work. The whole store reminds me of victorian fairy tales like alice in wonderland. But unfortunately there aren’t female Kaissa players around Gor…it doesn’t become a lady to play that game…yeah, this is the reason why i constantly loose, because I’m a lady, represent! πŸ˜›

Update for the veil thing: I now wear an Illusions veil i hate very intimately. Not because it isn’t pretty, but because i feel more than ever like interior furniture 😦 You can’t look like a femme fatale, or like an arrogant asshole, or like a PERSON in a veil, it’s just bland, without expression other than “Hey, i’m just another free woman.” It’s essentially stuff wrapped around you in an uncool way, to hide that a free woman has a body- that’s totally ok- but it also hides every bit of personality, too. Conclusion: We need more different veils! Veils that support that style you are wearing…sculpted veils for slim dresses, poofy ones for poofy dresses, dramatic ones, maybe with headgear for drama queens. πŸ˜€ And masks…oh yeah, full masks, maybe like the stargate ones…*scribbles and builds*



5 thoughts on “Hip To Be Square

  1. Poppy says:

    Yay for pretty veils, failing that get Tyra Banks in here and teach us all how to “Smise” :-p

  2. Verinne Ansar says:

    Oh baby, momma likes waking up to reading you blog only to see herself mentioned. I feel awesome about that. Also, fuck veils; go north or go home!

  3. I forgot to mention – Beyond the Veil
    She doesn’t make them anymore, but there are some amazingly well done ones that are far more artsy. If the store is still around, check it out!

  4. stiller Himmel says:

    Heya folks πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comments.

    *shock* BEyond the veil is ancient! Isn’t that the store that had it’s hype around 2007?
    Holy crackers, we need better veil designs O_O

    Else, fuck veils, and live with it…atm i have no veil but will soon upgrade to full mask. *mumbles and swears inaufible* …VEILS!

  5. Not ancient darling, no! It’s “Vintage”
    I agree, we do need new ones!

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