Red…Yellow Mage


Skin, Outfit: TailleursPutain /Noemi Azambuja
Hat: Lelutka (tinted yellow)
Scarf: May’s Soul / May Tolsen
Boots: Light Star
Hair: Elikatira (modified to fit under the hat)
Pants: Losthaven
Dagger: LR Weapons
Pose: Dieselworks, Del May

For +3 endurance, I’d wear my own underwear over my armor.~ Red Mage, 8 bit theatre

Black Mage: We came to the frozen asshole of the planet like Sarda said. What I wanna know is, where’s the crappy Item of Great Power we were promised? ‘Cause I don’t see it. If it’s something lame and immaterial like “friendship” or “trust,” I’ll have to cut his face off.
Red Mage: Yeah, I don’t need a quest to teach me the importance of faking friendship. –


This Outfit is more Gor Evolved, but that’s only so, because i mixed clothes from different genders and roles until i got a look that is both bold and elegant. It reminded me a bit after red mage from the 8 bit theatre (the hat!), the guy, that always minmaxed his character and believed IC, that the roleplay world consists of pen & paper rules. I think it is perfect for Everwind or other fantasy sims. The dress/kirtle as well as the skin are presents from Noemi, a designer friend of mine who wouldn’t take money from me :))
Thank you again Noemi, i like the clothes, they are very sexy and feminine and the textures are good…but it was a bit hard to find a matching outfit for my stick figure. Nevertheless on most female avatars they look very cute without being childish and overstuffed. I matched it with a pants and overknee boots, to add the necessary amount of toughness to the outfit.

The scarf was an accidential find and it is easy to combine it with almost everything. Ah well and the hat is an eccentric piece i just love because of the feathers…this may be not the normal boring and accurate costume for Gor Rp…but i got over it.

Soundtrack of the moment is from Bayonetta, which features the average image of gorean female outlaws according to most btb goreans. Maybe that’s ironic that i like that game very much even as it’s hard as hell…but i think if all the evoled people could just consequently play gor over the top and have fun with that, i’ll join. It’s all about your own expectations after all (that’s why i was so anal with the pani) 😉

And because my expectations will only be dissappointed i won’t read a single Gor book anymore. There are too many “fundamentals” who lost all the fun because they take themselves and the books too serious and reglemented.


3 thoughts on “Red…Yellow Mage

  1. alhvit says:

    yay. You blogged my stuff. *G*
    Muhahaha. i love the way you combined it. The skin looks cute and and elegant on you. I am proud , that you liked it . 😛

  2. Ein Stiller mit Fischmund also… ich dachte, das sei einer der Hasstrends 2010 gewesen, Heilbuttalarm und so weiter?

  3. stiller Himmel says:

    @Barth: Das ist schon ein Fischmund für dich? Ok ich geb dir recht wenn du sagen würdest, das ich auf der Shape ganz schöne Ballonlippen habe O_o Aber Fischmund….neeee, das is alles ganz natürliches Silikon. Die Mundwinkel sind noch nicht auf Kinnhöhe, da geht noch was! 😀

    Alhvit: Thank you 🙂 And thanks back for crossposting my stuff 😉

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