Viktel Aria

Viktel Aria

Robe: Losthaven
Hair: Maitreya
House: The Curious Prim / Grey Kurka

I just recently stumbled over the IC home of some friends, who built their private gor house in a quarter residential sim. They are both awesome builders and the house in a italian landscape near the Viktel Aria (the triumph street towards Ar) just looks breathtaking. I’ve never seen a sim so beautiful as this little place there. It kicks even my favourite sim (german Lydius) from the first place. They decided something that made me thinking: They will have their best friends on board, play in the residential sim and travel if they are in the need of adventure, but have a home where they are the boss, the architect and just some old players. They jokingly call it their retirement home. maybe it’s time for me to retire too. I don’t feel like i belong on a particular sim, just to some people i like best. But first i’ll give the pani rp a chance. Molesting innocent and good looking roleplayers with my english seems never to get old 😉

The Pani sim is open after all (simname: Devils Cry, or just search for Pani) and i think i’ll check it out for you.

Oh and for you people who are desperate and angry because they don’t find anything, please look into the archive (button in the upper right corner) there you can browse through the posts…sucks a bit i know. But i try my best to optimize my photos for the new blog format.


2 thoughts on “Viktel Aria

  1. stiller Himmel says:

    see also the “about” Tab in the upper right corner for more information 🙂
    Joining is easy, you make an account and download the viewer. Then you can travel to that place f.e. 🙂

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