This is why i haven’t recommended Bare Rose as a shop for Pani clothes yet. It’s an awesome shop, I visit it frequently and there are some good and coherent Outfits for Pani people there. But these two outfits are none of the good examples. Bare Rose is too “over the top” for Gor Rp in general. While some outfits have nice accessoires you should never use all of them on your character; or you will look like an overloaded anime character from a beat em up game, who can’t pass through a door if the flexis weren’t phantom.
I sincerely feel with all people who really want to embody a viking, as they chose Torvaldsland their home, years ago, who were then helpless in front of the hordes that came with the hype but didn’t give a shit about the culture. I think everybody saw it coming for the pani, too. Me included. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when you see it ingame the first time.

I don’t know. Japan is somewhat of a treasured culture to me. Others are fascinated with the old arabs or greeks. I’m fascinated by the simple yet complex aesthetics, the mindset (zen-buddhism/shinto), the food, the poetry and art of these people. In short I’m an orientalist, i can’t grasp the culture in full scale, but instead choose to marvel at the mysteries I will never unveil completely. And this is exactly the picture at which my last hopes of a beautiful adaption of the pani culture dies.

Update from one of the girls: The girls were fairly new to the concept and while i was photographing them, one of them was in IM with the simowners because of their clothes. And besides all sad moments I’m really excited about the sim opening of the Pani sim in devils cry. It’s a beautiful sim, you have to check out (no observer though, so be prepared).


2 thoughts on “Bitchin’

  1. Djady/suca says:

    Es war zu erwarten Stiller, weil diese Rolle Sonderlinge anzieht, die um jeden Preis bunt und besonders sein wollen.

  2. Girl in the photo says:

    While I can appreciate that everyone has their own tastes, I find it revolting that the author of this blog has chosen to fabricate peices to fill in the rest of her/his story. I had been in the process of shopping for my avatar and yes I ended up at Bare Rose as it is one of very few places to find wearable Japanese items, and yes I think what I am wearing is pretty. The author of this blog failed to mention that A) The sim is not yet open for roleplay B) We were not roleplaying and C) We were never in IM’s with the simowners about our dress. I am currently still undecided on what dress I’ll be going with, and frankly didn’t really think anyone minded if I showed up in jeans and a shirt or a kimono while the sim is under construction.

    Had you bothered to ask about what I was wearing or tell me that you thought it was over the top, I would have stated that I was currently undecided on my final style of dress for this new sim. I actually recall seeing your avatar on sim and you didn’t say anything to me at all. Go figure.

    If you want to blog, then blog and voice your opinion. Making up things is lame and truely not needed here. The bigger story is that people on the new sim actually seem excited about the opportunity to roleplay something different. While no one I’ve run into has had the chance to read the 29th book we are all eager to learn and grow into these new roles.

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