“I assume your collar was read to you, ” I said.
“Yes,” she said.
“What does it say?” I asked.
“‘I am the property of Lord Nishida of Nara’,” she said.
This was doubtless of Lord Nishida.
“What is Nara?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she said.
On the common Gorean collar it might be a city, a district, or even a cylinder. On her collar, for all I knew, it might be a place, a port, a caste, a family, a clan, or something else. I did not know what. I would later learn it was a citadel, a lofty fortress castle.~Swordsmen


Elikatira (Freebie)
Blackened Mouth: La Malvada Mujer
Open Korti: Pop Feel / cyam Amat
Collar: Catnip (needs Tokon from Xcite to work)
Feet: Slink
Pearl Earrings: Caliah Lyon (not available anymore)
Pearl Necklace: Atelier AM


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