Secondlife Viewer 2 beta…yays and noes

Ok for the first time I adress this topic in english and hope to reach further audience with the issue.

The beta viewer ist out now since a week or so, and I’m really excited about the new features.

Now we have Display Names, which allows us to name ourselves to our likings…and there is a big stability boost and performance increasement (Linux) which is just great. I also get more accustomed to the interface and think it’s sometimes quicker and more intuitive then the old interface used by third-party-viewers. Also the possibillity to wear multiple tattoo layer in comparison to the broken multiple attachment points feature in Phoenix is great overal, if not….

Yes, if there wasn’t a text limitation to 254 characters in the local chat bar (IMs are not affected). Because seriously…emoting in roleplay sucks balls when you just have the amount of two sms or two twitter posts. Google-fu tells me, it is a known bug in Jira…one that all thought they got rid off. They didn’t. And so it’s my grave duty to beg you for considering this post and then VOTE


Ok nochmal auf deutsch und kürzer: Der Bug im Viewer 2.3, das man in den lokalen Chat nicht mehr als 254 Zeichen eingeben kann ist bekannt und nervt wie hulle. Man kann das ganze hier ergänzen und stimmt bitte auch ab, damit der Bug schnell beseitigt wird!

Danke 🙂


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