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The E-files

Ich hab wieder einen schönen Kajirablog im Internet gefunden. Die Logs lesen sich teilweise traumhaft, gerade dann, wenn das eigene RP momentan wieder in eine tote Phase eintritt. Welcher Sklave würde nicht für so einen Slaver morden (nicht wörtlich ;)):

Targaryen Ghiardie nods, “You see, if there is
one thing I want to teach you, and train you in, it is obedience. To
me, surely, but to any other free as well. If a free orders you to
kneel, you simply do it. If a free orders you to stand on your head
and sing raunchy songs, you do it. If someone does something to
disrupt your training, or something that is completely nuts, it is
for ME to deal with, NOT for you. You do not disobey or argue with
the free. If you do, I will smack you into next week…. As for vague
hints… You are slaves, you are to be commanded, not to be hinted
at. Kneel when you feel you should, and if you are incorrect, you
should and probably will be commanded to do otherwise. Does that put
your mind to rest, Eydis?”

Verdammt, kann man so jemanden nicht klonen? Meh….


One thought on “bloglist update

  1. Targaryen says:

    There can be only one!

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