Alternative Character for another Roleplay I started with a few friends (DSA). It’s a classic low fantasy scenario, a lonely tavern near a creepy forest in the duchy Albernia, where Fairys and Elven roam (if they weren’t killed by the ursurpers troops or orcs). The system is famous for its detailled and beautiful crafted background and if you speak german, i really recommend it (only the most necessary books were translated into other languages).

The character’s concept based losely on Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth
Yep, it’s a little girl.Although I would never play a character of minor age in Gor, because of the sexually themed world there. But Fairys and old drunken knights….that’s the stuff the fairytales are about ^^

Nevertheless, in Gor it could be the perfect outfit for a torvaldslander women. 🙂

Skin: Milk Motion — Colette Nude (teeth)
Hair: Tekuteku — anne2
Eyes: Poetic Eyes — blue autumn freebie – m (freebie)
Outfit: Caverna Obscura — Viking (skirt heavily modified to fit small size)
Okarina/Flute: Hasendow — spring silence
Shoes: Vigo — Medieval Shoe


2 thoughts on “Sarandel

  1. Frithjof says:

    Herrin of Gor,
    Ich würde mich gerne dir zu Füssen werfen, dir als Sklave dienen. Bin ein kräftiger grosser Recke mit blonden Haaren und blauen Augen.

  2. stillerhimmel says:

    Willige Kajiri bitte bei stiller Himmel melden. Rechts um die Kurve, Kleidung aus, jeder bitte nur ein Collar. ;))

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