Fenris der Wolf

Unfettered will fare the Fenris Wolf
and ravaged the realm of men,
ere that cometh a kingly prince
as good, to stand in his stead

Skin: Den-dou — Vampire skin -Light- /Hidden fang

Hair: {fascino} — Lucie Orchid

Eyes: Negaposi by DurtTrashDurt Zipper — <<< np >>> Lunar EYES – AZUR + WATER (added glow)

Cloak: Fade Dana — Brother Wolf (male)

Sword: Ravenstone –*RS* VIKING BLADE

Shield: Andera Shermer Weapons — Shield of Andera (Freebie)

Armguard: Torvalds Forge – Ivar Armguard R

Kilt: Juicee by Maison Nightfire–  archer pants black

Shoes: Shiny Things — Comfy Boot (charcoal) + Quality Designs –Viking Black

Cheek: OVERT — Cheek Scar

Necklace: >fatale> — Necklage Viking

Scars: Vigo by Vilandra Miles — dark skin scars

Dirt: Dystopia by Calyn Canning — .dystopia. mud bath

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One thought on “Fenris der Wolf

  1. Anonymous says:

    for being an ulfsark berserk is way too japanese XD

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