Zee German is strukklin with teh language

Tal Everybody,
I have thought of writing some parts of my blog in english. At first i didn’t want to mix languages and only want writing in german. Because it’s the only language i’m able to express certain complicated themes and thoughts. It’s the language i prefer roleplaying in, because it’s a mess, when i start to emote, stuttering and stumbling over my own tongue.
But nevertheless the fact is, this blog is for fashion and information where to get it. Before I write twice my boring blabbering- in english and once again in german- i thought of just writing the fahion information in english.

And hope, that the non-english speaking crowd, who eventually reads this humble blog, may help theirselve by using a Dictionary Page site like LEO. So i hope that the majority outside there, who normally doesn’t speak german, find this blog more useful and less annoying.

I know the problem for myself, when i see a fashion blog with beautiful pictures but can’t understand whats been said there. So i hope that improves readability.

i wish you well 🙂

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